Rock Garden Chandigarh Timing and Pricing in Summer & Winter

Chandigarh is Indias most modern and well architect city and It’s known for cleanness and open environment. There is no doubt that it’s a really beautiful city and attracts thousands of visitors daily and Rock Garden is one of the key places for tourist attraction.

Rock Garden is known for its marvels architect most of the things you see here are made out of waste which is collected by Nak Chand (the founder of Rock garden) and here you realized that if you have little bit creativity then you can create such a beautiful and cool looking garden from waste. Rock Garden attracts 5000+ visitors every day.

Rock Garden History

But most of the tourists are not aware of the timing of Rock Garden in Chandigarh and if you are from one of them don’t worry just follow.

Rock Garden Chandigarh TIMING 2019:

Currently in 2019 the Rock Garden is open for tourists as per the following schedule:

Summer Timings: 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM (1st April to 30th September).

Winter Timings: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (1st October to 31st March).

Apart from that Rock Garden also has Interesting Story firstly, Rock Garden was a secret project of a creative man name called Nek Chand. He illegally designs some figures and other articles on a place near the Sukhna Lake from waste material which he collects around the city.

Rock Garden Creative Walls with Rock

Rock Garden Chandigarh Ticket Price:

This price list is updated in March 2019 so, price may be changed at the time when you are reading this article.

Adult: Rs. 20 Only for Single Person.

Child: Rs. 10 Only for Single Child.

His work was illegal and will be demolished by the authorities at that time, but his creativity and unique art designs won the hearts of local people of chandigarh and hence they saved rock garden from being demolished. Later, Nek Chand extends the rock garden along with 50 our wage persons who helped him in his project and In 1988, the park was officially open to the public.


The caretakers of Rock Garden are planning to open Rock Garden in the night or till late evening which will boost tourism because in summers it’s really hard to explore such a big garden in hot daylight. But still, there is no confirmation yet because to light up the entire Rock Garden with LED lights will cost around 5 crore INR

Rock Garden Art

These late evening visiting hours will not only boost tourism but will make Rock garden a favorite spot for city residents who would wish to visit it to see the illumination.

But arranging such huge money is not an easy job especially when the cost of Rock Garden ticket is Rs. 20 Per Adult and Rs. 10 for Child. So, fingers crossed maybe soon you will be able to enter rock garden in late evening.

And if you want to light up rock garden as soon as possible then you can also help Nak Chand Foundation by donating Some money for Rock Garden 🙂