Top 5 CNG pump or FILLING STATIONS in Chandigarh | June 2019

CNG Cars are getting really popular nowadays and Chandigarh is a big city and more than 40% of peoples resident in Chandigarh own CAR and 17% of them are run on CNG.

So, that means there is a huge number of CNG Consumers in Chandigarh but not everyone knows where are the best CNG pump in Chandigarh or you can say CNG Filling Stations.

Previously CNG has introduced at New Delhi in India a long time ago and as per laws CNG was used to run all public transports including buses, autos and even local taxis on CNG. The main reason for that is low pollution as compared to petrol and diesel.

CNG Pump in Chandigarh

A little less pollution is much relief for New Delhi residents as we all know Delhi is worlds most polluted city in the world.

Till now nothing is really serious about pollution in Chandigarh or Mohali but as we all know its better to prevent before actual damage happens.

So, recently CNG pumps are increasing day by day in Chandigarh and this will surely boost the sales of CNG Cars and taxies in the city and will also help Delhi people owning CNG vehicles to come to Chandigarh / Mohali without worrying about the availability of CNG.

CNG Pumps in Chandigarh has been provided by Indian Oil in joint association with Adani Gas and the work on the pipeline has almost been completed.

List of All CNG Pump in Chandigarh & Mohali (SAS Nagar)

But now in 2019, there are plenty of CNG Filling Stations in Chandigarh So, you can easily find a filling station near every major part of Chandigarh like in Sector 17,26,37,44, 56,57,37A or more detailed list with names written down below with direction.

  1. Amalia CNG Pump | Sector 44 | Direction
  2. Indian Oil Petrol & CNG Pump | Sector 56 | Direction
  3. Indian Oil Petrol + CNG Filling Station | Sector 17 | Direction
  4. Kay-Tee Service Station CNG Pump | Sector 17 F | Direction
  5. CNG Filling Station | Sector 56 & 57 | Direction


A lot of peoples have to wait for 2-3 hours every time to get their vehicles refilled with gas. And due to that many taxi drivers can’t accept app-based booking like ola and Uber. Cancellation of bookings not only hit there earning it also lower down there incentives too

So, Indian Oil with Adani Gas Pvt Ltd, a joint venture of the Indian Oil Corporation Ltd (IOCL) and Adani Gas Ltd, which looks after gas distribution in Chandigarh, has plans to come up with more CNG stations by March 2019 So, Now they want to increase the number of CNG Pumps from 4 to 11 in Chandigarh alone.

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